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A community  Network for Emotionally Focused Therapists in New Mexico

an approved affiliate of the International Center for Excellence in EFT.


For more information please contact Marcelle Grant, LCSW  at (505) 986-3478 or

Our Mission

  • Expand community awareness of EFT

  • Provide skilled EFT therapists to the New Mexico community

  • Provide a support network to EFT therapists

  • Encourage training and certification in EFT

What We Do

  • Host quarterly meetings

  • Facilitate connection and communication among EFT clinicians

  • Share resources

  • Provide EFT learning opportunities

Our Members

The NMEFT community was founded by the following group of EFT trained therapists.  Learning EFT can be a lonely journey and we have joined together to provide more support to New Mexico therapists on their EFT path.

Marcelle Grant, LCSW

Jessica Madrid, M.A., LPCC

Tricia McKenna, Ph.D.

Tahlia Rainbolt, Ph.D.


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